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Croatian Andragogy Society

The development of andragogical theory and practice is among the key tasks of the Croatian Andragogy Society (CAS). The CAS, which was founded as a professional association in 1998, is dedicated to:
- improving the theory and practice of both formal and non-formal adult education;
- providing training opportunities for its members through scientific gatherings, seminars and study trips;
- encouraging scientific work and research in the field of adult education;
- providing expert assistance to members and legal entities in implementing legal acts in the field of education, with particular emphasis on adult education regulations;
- and encouraging cooperation among adult education providers, as well as between the providers and governing bodies and other stakeholders on a national and international level.
The CAS organizes national Andragogy conferences twice a year. Participants come from
education providers, NGOs, human resource departments in companies, experts from the Croatian Employment Service, and other institutions. Lecturers are experts representing all adult education stakeholders: universities, the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, the Ministry of the Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship, agencies, companies, education
providers, the Ministry of Finance, chambers and other ssociations dealing with adult education.
Croatian Andragogy Society organizes every two yeas an international conference on adult education. At these conferences, new scientific accomplishments on adult education are presented, current trends in adult education are discussed and there are opportunities for inspirational meetings of scientists coming from the neighbouring and other European countries.
In the last 14 years, the CAS has organized 32 national and 5 international conferences and has published 5 books of proceedings:
Adult education and lifelong learning (2002)
Adult education - a key to the 21st century (2004)
Adult Education for the Knowledge Economy (2007)
Non-formal adult education and informal adult learning (2009)
Andragogical profession and competences of experts in adult education (2011)

The CAS has contiously published the Andragogy Journal of the Croatian Andragogy
Society from 1998, 2 issues per year.

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